Dry Cleaning is the process of cleaning a garment with an organic solvent, without using water.

Our Process

Step 1

Customers get a receipt after leaving their garments. Items are tagged in case they get misplaced in the process.

Step 2

Garments are then sorted by fabric, stain, and color. Some items with tough stains undergo pre-wash treatment.

Step 3

Using solvents instead of water, garments are washed in the drums. At the end of the cycle, high temperatures evaporate the solvents and dry the garments.

Step 4

Any loose buttons and other types of embellishments are individually fixed and taken care of before return. If the wash misses some of the tougher stains, we spot clean them manually.

Step 5

All garments are then hand ironed.

Step 6

Clean items are bagged, retagged and ready to return home. Customers return their receipts and receive their clean garments.

benefits of dry cleaning


You can keep your clothes for a longer time.


Dry cleaning helps garments return to a “like new” condition.


The water is drastically heavier than the dry cleaning solvents, damaging the garments a lot more.

Q. Does dry cleaning damage my clothes?

Simply put, no, it doesn’t.

The damage that comes from the dry cleaning process is usually from the previous condition of the garment. Dry cleaning does little damage to the clothes because the solvent passes through the clothes without any harm or alterations.

Water washing vs. Dry cleaning

If you’re not sure, consult with us.

In regular water washing, water passes through the fibers of the clothes, directly rubbing against the clothes and causing deformation. In contrast, dry cleaning solvent (oil) penetrates the fibers smoothly, dissolving stains in a way that water cannot.

Depending on the type and material of clothes, however, washing with water works better at times, so it is recommended that you talk with an expert for the best solution.

things to keep in mind


Plastic Bags

Please let us know if there are any noticeable stains beforehand.

After cleaning and pressing, every garment is enclosed in plastic for protection and cleanliness. Make sure to keep your clothes without the plastic bag.

our policy

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